A playschool is a place where nearly 10-20 children spend 1-2 hours a day under the supervision of a couple of teachers.

Following points can help you select the right playschool for your child

  • The supervisor-child ratio ideally needs to be about 1:10

  • The playschools should not aim at developing academic skills like reading and writing

  • There should not be set goals or any stress on performance

  • The focus must be on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child

  • A playschool must have a neat and hygienic environment

  • It should have trained soft speaking teachers

  • Semi-skilled helpers should be there to help children

  • The classrooms should be colourful

  • The playschool should have plenty of toys such as bicycles and block building games.

  • There has to be a rest corner in the classroom

  • It should have drawing black or green boards

  • It is suggested to have sandpits and playground

  • The playschool should have flashcards to identify letters, animals, vegetables and colours

  • It should be near home

  • The playschool should provide good and safe transport facility

  • It should have good and clean toilets.

  • The playschool is expected to provide clean and filtered drinking water

  • It should have restricted working hours (working not more than 5 days a week and not more than 3-4 hours a day.)


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