• There are several types of stories, such as fables, myths and legends. You should choose stories that are relevant to your children.
  • You should consider more about children, their interests, their experience and their language level, age, etc.
  • It is important to select a story that suits your child’s language level.
  • Besides this, you also need to select stories based on their topics, characters and plots.

Benefits of storytelling to kids

  • Telling stories is an effective teaching strategy for children.
  • Most children enjoy listening to the stories, and they have the power that can bring the children into a world of imagination and draw a colourful picture with many interesting characters in the story.
  • Storytelling is one of the most useful technique to attract children in learning process effectively.
  • It helps children to discover the experience of real-life and the language learning experience together.
  • It is a kind of teaching method that can help children to improve knowledge, literacy, imagination, creation and critical thinking. Therefore, storytelling is considered to be very useful to teach a foreign language to children.
  • It helps in promoting expressive language development in oral and written form and present new vocabulary and complex language in a powerful form.
  • Storytelling also helps to create constructive and creative comprehension.
  • It motivates children to actively participate in the construction of the meaning of the story.
  • Thus, storytelling can give the experience of language learning in a fun way.


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