What is school readiness?

“School readiness” refers to the academic knowledge, independence, communication and social skills required by children to do well in school and in general as well. To prepare your child for school, you must spend time reading, talking and playing with your child.

Academic readiness

  • Sing rhyming songs and do fingerplays.

  • Put your child’s name on his/ her clothing and toys, which can help him/ her to recognise their name in print.

  • Teach your child basic colours by pointing and naming objects, e.g., “green trees,” “red apples,” or “blue coats.”

  • Give him/ her puzzles and games that need counting.

  • Allow your child to scribble, draw, write and cut and paste.

  • Sing the alphabet song with your child and give him/ her letter magnets or other toys that will help your child to begin recognising the letters of the alphabet.

Social readiness

  • Set up regular routines for mealtime and bedtime.

  • Inspire your child to play with and talk to other children.

  • Inspire your child to take turns and share with other kids.

  • Discourage hitting, biting, screaming, and other such negative behaviours.


  • Get your child shoes and clothing that are easy to buckle, zip and fasten on their own.
  • Encourage your child to get a dress and put on shoes by him or herself.
  • Encourage independent toileting and hand washing.

Communication skills

  • Indulge in regular conversations with your child.

  • Inspire your child to listen and respond to others when they speak.

  • Always answer your child’s questions, even if the answer is “no.”

  • Assist your child in learning and using new words.

  • Explore language by means of singing, rhyming, songs and chants.


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