At first it may seem like the ultimate challenge, but there are ways to simplify your decision-making process

Before any of the challenges rearing a newborn child will bring to the table, as a mother, you have one obstacle to overcome before anything else—picking a name for your child.

With so many choices, one might think of this necessary process as easy. As you start going through the possible choices, however, your mindset may change – deciding on the perfect baby name may start to feel overwhelming, daunting, and so difficult.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you decide on the name of your child:

Trendy Names

Away from the conventional list, these are names that pop up sporadically due to their uniqueness, a possible celebrity status factor, and pop culture trends. City names, nature names, even food names fall under this category, and if you want a stand-out name for your child, why not? But it is a "trend" after all, so its unpredictability might make this year's coolest name into a last-season name fad.

Ask For Opinions

The best people to consult with on this matter are family and close friends—people who'll spend a lot of time with your child in the future. Your loved ones may prefer a name that simply "rolls off the tongue" without difficult pronunciation, or may have some ideas of name associations that you may appreciate (like the name of your aunt whom you were very close to as a child!).

Baby Names Finder

Every year, reputable baby websites produce a list of the Top Baby Names of the Year. Some parents may opt for a name of high popularity, making it easy to remember. There are thousands of baby names to choose from at websites such as, and !You can even check out the meanings of the names, their correct pronunciation, and its ranking.

How Your Child Will Grow Into It

It's also important to consider how the name will affect your child in the future. Will he/she have a hard time spelling it out to people? Will pronunciation be a recurring problem? Does the name have a certain background or meaning that may be offensive to another culture? Will the name age well—meaning, will it still be appropriate years from now on when he/she goes on his/her first job interview? These are a few critical questions to keep in mind as you decide.

With choosing a child's name, there is no right or wrong in your decision-making. As a couple, all it takes is some time to research and reflect on what feels perfect to both of you.