Toys remain an important growth partner for children and also the way to give them a happy childhood. A good baby toy and a happy baby go hand in hand. All the new parents and the parents-to-be often worry about selecting a fun yet meaningful toy for their little ones.

Parents look for the best products for their child to keep them safe and sound. Increasing awareness among the parents about the products, websites, consumer reviews and blogs etc. have helped a lot in making a good choice of toys for the little ones.

Playtime Is Important

Apart from daily routine activities, playtime holds special importance as it helps in the cognitive, physical, emotional and social growth of the child.

Playtime helps them to learn about themselves and their surroundings. The more the baby plays, the more he will interact and learn. Engaging parents and grandparents in the play is a great way to make their playtime fun.

Here we researched and came out with some great ideas that will help you to get some of the best toys for your little ones.

Qualities to Look for While Selecting a Toy-

Safe and cleanable toys

The first and foremost concern of the parents in choosing a toy for their baby is safety and hygiene. It is always advisable to start with blunt toys, especially wooden ones which are natural and organic and also easily cleanable.

Engaging and Fun toys-

The toy time is meant to be a fun and de-stressing time for the children. Observe their interests and make your decision in purchasing toys wisely, like- some children may like animals, some may have a special attraction for vehicles, or some may love dolls.

Appropriate pick according to age-

Apart from getting a good quality toy, it is also important to pick an age-appropriate toy to deliver maximum benefit to the child.

A Quick Age-appropriate Toy Pick List for Your Little One-

Early 0-2 months-

Sound toys are best for 0-2months babies. Making sounds with rattles, hanging musical rattles makes the best toys for children of this age. Also, the plush toys of the animal figurine are good for their fun time and to keep them cozy.

Babies of 2-4months-

Since the baby of this age starts to stretch to reach for the toys and also gain some holding grip and strength, it is the right time to give them rattles. Make sure to clean them regularly as children of this age are prone to bringing everything they grab, into their mouth. 

Babies of 4-6months-

Since the babies learn to grab things by age, giving them plush balls, plastic rings are a great idea. Activity mats, activity gyms also come into the maximum utility at this age. Also, it's time to bring home some organic "teethers". Make it your daily routine to clean their toys as well.

Babies of 6-8 months-

Most of the child by this age either start to sit independently or are practising for the same. They can be encouraged to sit by offering them stackable cups or rings, which will increase their sit and playtime.

Babies of 8-12 months-

The babies falling in this age group start to crawl and stand, so wheeled push toys and gears make an ideal pick for this age. This will assist them in walking and making their legs stronger. They may even enjoy basic pretend play toys like kitchen sets. They can also be given various soft toys as loveys. Activity tables, rounded corners xylophones too make a good pick for the children of this age.

Beyond 1 year of age-

A child more than 12months of age begins to understand and relate to things. Here comes in the role a wide variety of toys that helps build their motor and sensory skills. They can be introduced to puppets, story-time with board books/puppet books/pull-up books etc. at this age. 

It is observed in cases of toddlers that- A toy selected by a parent is nearly always different from that selected by a child. It is important to respect their choices too. So you may settle in between by adding a toy of their choice in a bag of other utility toys.

Now that we have helped you in selecting the best toy for your child, it's time to fill the basket. Happy Shopping!!



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