A toy with it brings home lots of joy and happiness. That little piece of inanimate thing has many roles to play in every child and parent's life. Besides keeping the child busy and happy, it also gives some relief time to the parents.

Apart from being safe and fun, the toy also must have some sensorimotor benefit. We often look for toys that will keep the child engaged and enhance learning. Among the large varieties of toys available in the market here, we sort the best ones, which must be in every kid's toy basket because of their many benefits.

Built It Set

Built-it-set is a must-have in every child's toy kit, as it enhances their imaginative power and helps in sensory-motor development. Starting with the easy, simple links for the younger ones to the complex house building or Mechanix set for the older ones should follow.

Younger ones may create a variety of shapes with colorful rings and links and spend a good time playing with them. Blunt, lightweight, soft plastic or rubber links can be purchased for them, which will make their playtime safe and fun.

The older kids can be introduced to built-it-sets like Lego, Mechanix, etc., that have multiple small parts to be linked and joined to build amazing structures. These toys come in different themes to engage every kind of kid. You may explore your kid's interest to find the right type of built-it-toy for him/her.


Pretend Toy

Pretend toys make a good choice if your kid likes to play with friends or siblings. This kind of toy can keep children busy for hours. Your little munchkin will love pretending to be a doctor and treating you for wounds, they will enjoy acting to be a shopkeeper, selling fruits, they may even love more pretending to be a mechanic, drilling around in the house, and a lot more.

Being older, we can't even imagine the amount of joy and fun they will have pretending to be various professionals. So it is a good recommendation to have a few pretend toys at the growing age of a child.



The global toy that engages children of every age group is clay or slime. The amount of satisfaction this very toy gives on playing is immense. Children may spend hours creating numerous shapes and structures they often see with clay. Adding roller-pin and dough cutters to the clay set will add even more fun to the play. Slime, although not preferable for very young kids, makes a good option for the ones who like experimenting with textures.

If you are not comfortable introducing chemical-based clay dough to your kid, then you can opt for a more traditional way by just giving them a little amount of flour dough to play with.


Companion Doll/ Plush Toy

Children develop special bonds with their toys. They may even find some toy closer to them than the other ones. It is a good idea to gift them some soft toys/plush toys that stay close to them. Some children even like to sleep holding their companion toys. They can be advantageously used as a prop to teach them daily routine and good manners. Making children learn through the toy is easy compared to just verbal training.

Art and Craft Sets

Art and craft sets are a must in every kid's daily play routine. They not only make a good play partner but also teaches a lot during play. Starting from a simple jumbo crayon for a younger kid, introduce them with advanced art kits as watercolors, colorful markers, blunt-ended scissors, color books, sand art table, etc. Your kid is surely going to show you some great artworks in the future.


So these are all must-haves in every kid's play basket. We hope that you must be highly satisfied with our suggestions on the best toys for your little ones.

So buckle up for some awesome playtime. Happy Playing!!