That exciting time is near because your little one is slowly giving hints that they are ready to meet you. That means your life is about to become topsy-turvy, but in a good way.

His heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope or get your partner to put his ear to your abdomen. As your baby's lungs are almost fully developed, he's taking practice breaths, too.




  1. Onesies, sleepers, and side-tie shirts. Get at least 6 pieces; more if you don’t have much time for washing. Remember, feedings will be messy as your baby gets used to taking food through their tiny mouth, instead of through their umbilical cord. Besides, your baby needs to stay warm and protected in this new environment, so make sure they are covered up.
  2. Socks, caps, and gloves. A warm environment is a baby-friendly environment. After all, your baby just spent 9 months inside your body, which is a very warm 37 degrees. So while you may be used to air conditioning, it’s better to keep the room cosy, instead of freezing or too hot. Use socks, gloves and caps to make sure every part is covered when it is cold.
  3. Diapers. Choosing diapers is a matter of preference. Some swear by cloth diapers; others, by the convenience of disposables. Either way, you have to buy several reusable cloth diapers or a lot of disposable ones, because you can reasonably expect your baby to use as many as 10-12 per day.


  1. Baby bath time. Bath time can be a really fun way to bond with your baby, but it’s also important to clean them properly and safely. Baths can help keep your baby healthy because you can remove all feeding residue as well as dust or dirt, which wiping with a wet cloth can’t do.
  2. Nursing pillow. For breastfeeding moms, a trusty nursing pillow can be quite a boon. It can help secure the baby in a safe feeding position and minimize the stress on mom’s arms during breastfeeding.
  3. Grooming kit. You might be surprised at how fast, tiny fingernails grow, so keep a baby grooming kit handy. Aside from blunt nail clippers (for trimming nails, so your baby doesn’t scratch himself), a fine-toothed comb, plus baby lotion, will prove handy in making sure your little one looks their best.


  1. Baby seat. Safety is always a parent’s prime consideration, so a baby seat should be one of your first purchases. Having a baby seat means your child can be strapped securely and separately from adult passengers.
  2. Baby strollers. If you plan to take your baby around for morning strolls, a sturdy baby stroller is a must. Not only will you provide a safer ride for your baby; you will also be kinder to your arms because they won’t bear their weight for long periods.
  3. While there are many more things, you need to make your home baby-ready, start with the basics and work your way up to complete preparedness. If you miss an item, don’t worry so much. Simply find an alternative, and your baby won’t even notice the difference.