The relationship might change when you become parents

Majority of couples experience relationship changes when they become parents.

For many couples, the birth of a child brings positive changes in their relationship. But you might experience some strains such as taking care of your baby.

While caring for your baby, less sleep, less time to talk, less time to spend together may take their toll on your relationship.

Healthy relationships: tips for parents


Listen to each other

Good listening is the most important communication skill that you must follow. It can help you and your partner feel heard, understood and supported. Good listening helps you understand things from your partner’s point of view.

Tell your partner how you feel

When you talk to your partner about your frustrations and fears, your happiness and joys, it makes it easier for your partner to understand what you’re going through.

Accept the changes

You can relook at your relationship as being in a new phase. You should talk about what the new phase means to both of you and how you can manage it together.

Manage conflict

As you go through changes, there will be differences in opinion. Talking about these can help you

both understand each other’s perspective. Sometimes, it’s fine to disagree.

Try to show that you care

Simple things like asking your partner about how the day was can help you keep in touch.

Small gestures that show your partner that you care can also help. This might be as simple as offering a cup of tea or offering your partner to sleep, and you take care of the baby when your partner is tired.


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