When India woke up to the second wave of the COVID-19 a few months back, little did it know that its nights will be far from sleep from now on. Stories of grief, loss became the country’s only highlights. However, amidst the saddening stories were also tales of heroics and humanity by everyday people known as COVID Warriors, which instilled in us some hope, faith, and inspiration. The Warriors, despite being commoners, provided aid at such a level, even the nobles were put to shame.

One of the most interesting things about these altruistic acts was the involvement of mothers from all over India. Doing what a mother does best, these Mommy Warriors showered love and care in the most selfless way possible. By providing food to families affected and making arrangements for medical supplies & essentials, they not only provided help, but the much-needed touch of affection too.

And so, Dettol as part of its tribute campaign #DettolSalutes joined hands with Miracle Mom to salute the extraordinary efforts of moms who helped the people in their toughest time ever.

Known as #DettolSalutesMiracleMom the initiative will aim to celebrate Miracle Mom Warriors, by curating their stories and getting their pictures printed on Dettol bottles.


Here are some heartwarming Miracle Mom stories that would be featured as part of the campaign.

Shruti Mittal | Mother & Social Media Influencer

Working day and night, she and her group of volunteers are helping to help people get access to oxygen, hospital beds, essential medicines, ambulances, food, and plasma donors. While verifying the leads for all the essential services for COVID treatment, Shruti is also helping identify fraudsters who are selling essentials on the black market for exponential rates. She has also been collaborating with different hospitals to arrange social media awareness sessions about COVID.

Laxmi | The Mask Project

Meet Laxmi, who went away from the conventional to help poor people stay safe from COVID-19 virus. It all started when her son once brought home a COVID-19 protective mask worth Rs 300. The mask being non-washable and non-reusable, prompted Laxmi to come up with the idea of stitching masks that can be worn or used again. Laxmi being a skilled seamstress, quickly started working and in no time, began distributing these special masks for free among household help, vendors, and hawkers in Delhi. Since then, the mother & son duo have distributed over 7,000 homemade masks for free.

Like them, there are a lot more mothers worthy of an honour. Help us feature everyone of them by nominating stories of mothers who you feel are doing exceptional work in these challenging times.

To nominate a Miracle Mom Warrior, visit Dettol Salutes