Children at this age are usually curious and interested to play with other children; however, they are so energetic that they don’t get tired easily and it becomes difficult to keep them engaged for a long duration.

Following tips can help you to host a memorable birthday party for your 2-year old


Plan a low child to adult ration

  • Try to invite by twos, e.g., one child accompanied by a parent
  • It is advised to team any unaccompanied child with an adult or a teen
  • At least try to team up one adult for 2 children
  • This ensures that there is someone to assist and look after a child

Limit the guest list

  • Young children function best in small groups
  • Try to invite fewer guests
  • Consider your child’s ability to deal with the number of people

Keep the party short

  • Children of this age are highly active, enjoy the party to the fullest and thus put tremendous demand on their as well as your body
  • This results in you and your children getting tired easily
  • Therefore, it is best to plan a short birthday party for 1 or 2 hours to avoid tears, tantrums and tiffs

Provide parallel play activity

  • Plan  games or play activities to keep children engaged.
  • Some of the examples are fingerplays, sing along, or simple games like Simon says
  • Set up of a book corner, art area or a toy zone can also make children happy

Set clear boundaries

  • Children of this age are curious little explorers
  • In order to keep them safe and your home in good condition, determine boundaries before the party starts
  • Close the rooms that are off-limit
  • Put away breakable items and slippery rugs
  • If the party is outside, ensure that the gates are closed, fences are in good condition, the area is safe, and pets are kept away
  • Explain this to guests as they arrive

Serve age-appropriate snacks

  • Kids of this age have a small appetite
  • Consider using bowls instead of plates as their fine motor skills are still developing
  • Have a container of tissues ready to wipe hands
  • Do not consider food items that can cause choking, e.g., big slices of apples, whole grapes, nuts, hard candy etc.


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