What's happening in week 11 of your pregnancy?


Your baby is growing:

The baby  is now almost two inches (five centimetres) long and weighs about 8.5 grams.

Their organs are working hard:

Their liver is creating lots of red blood cells to deliver oxygen throughout the body.

Your baby's gender is being determined:

It's hard to tell your baby's gender at this stage of your pregnancy, but his or her genitals are developing now.

How is your baby's brain developing?

The cerebral cortex of your baby's brain is forming connections. This part of the brain is responsible for complex functions, such as language and processing information.

What pregnancy symptoms you might experience this week?

Hormonal changes in your body can induce a breakout of acne on your face. Try these tips to treat acne and to make you feel good about your changing body:

Wash your face twice daily with a mild cleanser and warm water.


Avoid squeezing those bumps:

That may lead to scarring and spread infection.

Monitor what you eat:

Certain foods may trigger or worsen acne for some people.

Mom's Tip of the Week

Keeping a close eye on your diet is important as the blood vessels in the placenta are expanding in size and number at this pregnancy stage. As the placenta passes nutrients that you consume to your baby, continue to have a healthy diet filled with key nutrients such as choline and iron.