What’s happening in week 37 of your pregnancy?

Your baby is now curled up in the foetal position. His/her chin is tucked down and he/she is hugging the arms and knees close to the chest.

The organs are ready to function. At this point, your baby is considered to be early term, but you can still encourage the development of your baby’s body and bones by consuming protein and calcium-rich foods respectively.

Your baby should weigh nearly 3 kg now. He/she will be gaining about 14 g per day this week.

How is your baby’s brain developing?

The connections between your baby’s brain neurons and muscles are improving. This allows him to develop fine motor skills, like grasping his tiny toes.

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?

You may find yourself having an overwhelming urge to clean, cook or get your house organized. This is known as ‘nesting’, a normal instinct due to nerves about the big changes that are about to come. Make the rest of your pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, too, with these tips:

Delegate nesting responsibilities. Work out how your spouse or a family member can take on some of these chores.

Rest as much as possible. Your due date is just around the corner. Save your energy for the big day!

Mom’s Tip of the Week

You and your spouse might be packing for the hospital stay by now. Aside from essentials such as toiletries, do consider taking along some birthing aids like stress balls, and perhaps a camera to capture those first moments as a bigger family.


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