What’s happening in week 33 of your pregnancy?

Your baby is drawing upon your antibodies to develop their own immune system. Supplementing your diet with folic acid will help protect your little one from developing certain brain and spinal birth defects.

Your baby weighs about two kilograms. Your baby measures about 19 inches from head to toe (48 centimetres).

Your growing baby is filling up space in your uterus, resulting in a drop in amniotic fluid levels. This means you will feel their kicks more intensely.

How is your baby’s brain developing?

Your baby’s brain is growing so much that his head circumference has extended by half an inch (1.3 centimetres) to accommodate the brain.

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?

You may feel overheated or warmer than usual due to the increased flow of blood and a higher metabolic rate in your body during pregnancy. Cool off with these steps, and you’ll be enjoying your pregnancy more:

Drink plenty of water to regulate your body temperature.

Know when to stop your exercise. While keeping active paves the way for a healthy pregnancy, stop your physical activity if you feel your body is overheating and you’re beginning to get dizzy or nauseated. Remember to consult your doctor before doing any exercises during your pregnancy.

Mom’s Tip of the Week

It’s also recommended to eat some protein after exercise to help your muscles recover. Protein also helps your baby’s body to grow. You will both need about ~83 grams of protein a day at this pregnancy stage (1 g/kg body weight plus 23 g daily (eg. If you weight 60 kg = 1 x 60 = 60 g + 23 g = 83 g of protein daily).


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