Make iron-rich food a part of your everyday meals, particularly in week 31 of pregnancy when his red blood cell count increases.

What’s happening in week 31 of your pregnancy?

Your baby is developing a sleep cycle. Your baby will be getting more sleep, as he’s been working very hard to develop his brain and needs to rest.

The systems in his body are getting ready, such as his digestive system. The development of his central nervous system also allows your baby to regulate his body temperature.

Your little one weighs more than 1.3 kg and measures about 45 cm from head to toe.

How is your baby's brain developing?

Your baby is making trillions of brain connections. This helps him process information and practice his sensory skills, such as following light outside the womb with his eyes.

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?

At this pregnancy stage, you may often feel breathless as your growing uterus pushes your lungs upwards. Take these steps to get some relief from this shortness of breath and to make the rest of your pregnancy comfortable:

  1. Monitor your diet. Breathlessness can be a sign of anaemia, or iron deficiency. Add some iron-rich food such as palak and dal to your meals.
  2. Exercise regularly. You’re less likely to be breathless if you’re keeping fit and having a healthy weight gain. Remember to consult your doctor before doing any exercises during your pregnancy.

Mom's tip of the week

Weighing yourself daily or weekly during your pregnancy is a great habit to develop. You should be gaining 450 g to 1 kg each week during your third trimester.