What's happening in week 22 of your pregnancy?

Your baby's eyes can recognize light outside the womb. The retinas in their eyes are fully developed. If you shine a flashlight over your bump, you may feel your little one react by kicking.

Your baby is now weighing 450 g. They measures almost 28 cm from crown to heel.

Your baby can process sounds due to the development of their inner ear, so talk and sing to your little one.

How is your baby's brain developing?

Your baby's brain and nerve endings are working together to improve sensory development, including his sense of sight and touch.

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?

With morning sickness most likely behind you now, your appetite should be back, along with pregnancy cravings. Manage any cravings for unhealthy food with a balanced diet and boost your pregnancy health with these tips:

Have healthy snacks on hand

  • Like nuts and fruits so you won't be tempted by less nutritious food around.
  • Make it an occasional treat to eat foods you are craving for, and in a modest serving.

Food cravings maybe your body's way of signalling that it needs a certain nutrient. For example, if you are craving ice cream, your body may need more mineral like calcium.

Mom's tip of the week

Your body will also tell you how it is preparing for labour – when you start experiencing painless, irregular contractions in your uterus at this pregnancy stage. These are known as Braxton-Hicks contractions and can start as early as the second trimester.