What's happening in week 21 of your pregnancy?

Your baby's bone marrow is ready to take over the job of producing red blood cells from their liver and spleen. As iron forms a key component of red blood cells, eat more iron-rich food, such as spinach.

Your baby is about the size of a banana. They measures 17.7 cm in length and weighs 311 g.

Your baby’s bones continue to harden and lengthen. Help the bones development by having calcium-rich food in your diet.

How is your baby's brain developing?

Your baby's brain neurons continue to make connections to his muscles. They are even more ready to flex their motor skills than two weeks ago!

What pregnancy symptoms might you experience this week?

It's normal to feel constantly hungry at this pregnancy stage; after all, you're carrying a growing baby inside you. Use these tips to manage this symptom and boost your health:

Stick to a balanced diet filled with essential nutrients

Such as protein, to keep your energy up, and choline, which helps your baby's brain cells to develop properly and DHA for your baby's development.

Have a few food recipes on hand

Nutritious meals that are easy to prepare will make it convenient to satiate your hunger and nourish your baby.

Mom's tip of the week

The flavours of the food you eat will end up in the amniotic fluid that your baby swallows. Eating healthy food now will help your baby develop a taste for them after they are born.