What's happening in week 16 of your pregnancy?

Your baby measures about 11.4 centimetres and weighs about 110.5 grams this week.

Your baby's motor skills are increasing. They can close their fingers into a fist now.

Facial muscles are forming. Your baby will be practising social and communication skills inside you to use for the future, such as squinting, frowning and grimacing.

How is your baby's brain developing?

Your baby's brain development is related to his visual functions. As your little one's brain grows, their eyes can make small movements behind their sealed eyelids and can now perceive light for the first time!

What pregnancy symptoms might you experience this week?

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, more hair is growing on your body, even in unwanted places. Most of this excess hair will fall out three to six months after you give birth. In the meantime, use these tips to help you feel good about your changing body and pregnancy:

Tweeze, shave or go for threading. These are safe methods for hair removal during pregnancy.

Stay away from chemical hair-removal products, such as hair removal creams. The chemicals can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Mom's tip of the week

One chemical that you might also want to limit having in your body during pregnancy is caffeine. It decreases blood flow to the placenta, and may affect the growth of your baby. Keep your intake to just one cup a day – about 200 milligrams of caffeine.