What's happening in week 10 of your pregnancy?


The hypothalamus in your baby's brain is beginning to develop:

It controls many bodily activities, including regulating your baby's temperature and heart rate.

Your little one measures about 4 centimetres.


Your baby's vital organs have formed:

For example, they have got digestive juices in their stomach, and the kidneys are now producing urine.

Your baby's body parts continue to develop

Their ears, knees and ankles are shaping up, and the fingers and toes are distinct.

How is your baby's brain developing?

Your baby's brain has grown so much that it makes up an amazing 43% of his weight now.

What pregnancy symptoms you might experience this week?

Increased urine production is a common symptom at this pregnancy stage due to hormonal changes. Use these tips to manage this symptom and to maintain your pregnancy well-being:

Cut down on caffeinated beverages:

Drinks such as coffee and tea have a diuretic effect, which compels you to head to the bathroom frequently.

Stay hydrated:

Don't be deterred from drinking plenty of water; it is important for a healthy pregnancy.

Mom's Tip of the Week

Monitoring what you eat and drink is one way to ensure that your little one is nourished properly. Consult with your doctor about taking prenatal supplements that contain key nutrients such as folic acid and vitamin D.