Bringing your baby home is a major event you've probably dreamed about from the moment you get pregnant.

Here's the list of things you will need to keep ready at home


Nappy bag

  • You are suggested to buy a bag to carry all the nappy changing equipment when you go out.
  • You can have disposable nappies as they are convenient to use and easily available or you can choose cloth nappies that are cheaper than disposable nappies. They are more environmentally friendly and can be easily washed in 60ºC wash.
  • Other things needed for nappy changing session include a dustbin with a lid and nappy washing sterilising liquid, disposable bag, cotton wool, preferably white coloured, a changing mat, baby lotion or wipes and baby barrier cream to help prevent nappy rash.


  • You can bath your baby after a minimum duration of 48 hours after delivery.
  • You can decide how frequently you need to bathe your baby; ensure that your baby is clean and comfortable. A warm bath can help your baby to sleep.
  • You will need a baby bathtub/bucket, two towels, the softer, the better. Retain them only for your baby’s use—no need to buy special baby towels, unless you want them. You will also need unperfumed soap, although washing your baby with just water is fine.


  • For the first few months, your baby will need a crib or a carrycot to sleep in. Ensure that your baby is safe and warm and not too far away from you. If you are borrowing a crib or cot or if you are using your elder child’s cot, you will need a new mattress.
  • You will also need a firm mattress fitting the cot snugly without leaving spaces around the edges so as to avoid your baby getting trapped their head and suffocating and sheets to cover the mattress. You will need a minimum of four sheets because they need to be changed often. Baby’s will also need light blankets for warmth.
  • Pillows and duvets are not recommended as they are not safe for babies less than a year old because of the risk of suffocation.


  • Arrange clothes for the first few weeks to make sure that your baby is warm and clean. You will probably need six pairs of clothes for both day and night or four pairs and two bight suits for the night.
  • Use socks with the night suits if it’s cold along with a sweater. They should be of wool or cotton rather than nylon and light rather than heavy. Several light layers of clothing are preferred for keeping your baby warm. Also have four vests.


  • For breastfeeding, you will need nursing bras that open at the front and have adjustable straps. Cotton is the best material as it allows air to circulate. You will need breast pads to put into your bra to prevent milk from leaking onto your clothes.
  • If you are planning to formula feed, you will need six bottles with teats and caps or vati (bowl) and spoon (if you plan to chuck bottle), sterilising equipment, a bottle brush and infant formula milk.

Here's how to be prepared

  • As a new mom, you will probably need a lot of practical as well as emotional support. Many women want to have their partner besides so that both of you get to know the baby together and have help with the work.
  • If you are on your own or your partner cannot be with you, request your mother or a close friend to be there for support.


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