The Baby’s physical development is monitored routinely with the help of Growth charts. These charts have the standardized values, developed by the experts, to reflect the rate of growth expected for your baby’s weight and gestational age at birth.

Since the previous article discusses the importance of weight and its routine measurement, this article deals with more technical terminologies and measurement units to assist you with tracking the growth of your child.

Points to Remember-

  • Rates of growth are different at different period of time.
  • At the initial months of life, growth is rapid which slows down gradually.
  • Rapid growth is observed at growth spurts.
  • 5th-month weight is usually double that of birth weight.
  • 12th-month weight is usually triple that of birth weight.
  • Weight may reduce during the period of illness but regains after the recovery from illness.
  • Baby boys tend to be heavier than baby girls.


So, here is the Weight- Length- Age chart to help you assess proper growth of your child.