Why is it important to let babies touch and explore new things?

  • All babies are born with curiosity that must be satisfied in order to provoke learning.1
  • Unfortunately, too many denial and disapprovals from parents may discourage the curiosity in child to such an extent that his/ her learning may slow down or stop completely.1
  • Children use their senses e.g., hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and moving to collect information about their world.2
  • Touch is important for the growth and development of young children.3
  • Touch plays a vital role in brain formation.3

Tips to help children touch and explore new things

  • Let you baby touch new things to get new learning experiences.1
  • Encourage your baby to touch all kinds of textures.2
  • Do not stop your child from touching things with the fear of spoiling/ breaking things; instead keep breakable things far from their reach1

Advantages of letting children explore

  • Letting the child to explore things and discover things on their own helps in quick learning.1
  • Babies who are allowed to explore more things are more knowledgeable about the world and are more enthusiastic to try new experiences.1
  • Children restricted to explore new things can lack the desire to learn.1
  • Letting children explore and experiment, enhances the possibilities for creative outcomes without the fear of failure.4


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