The new-born digestive system is still a work in progress which needs a little help now and then.

Birth to 4 months

Right now, breast milk or formula provides all the nutrients with your baby needs. It's also the only thing their stomach can handle at this point.

If your baby becomes gassy, fussy or experiences diarrhoea while feeding, they may have a food intolerance. Depending on your feeding preference, you have several options.

Breastfeeding Tips

If you're breastfeeding, speak to your paediatrician about avoiding spicy foods or gassy foods like onions, garlic, cauliflower and broccoli, which may be irritating your baby's tummy.

Formula Feeding Tips

If you are formula-feeding, ask the doctor about special formulas that are designed for symptoms like fussiness or gas, spitting up and colic. Knowing the symptoms can help pinpoint the cause.


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