You definitely want your child to be independent, but also safe.1

Teaching your child about stranger danger is an important part of a child’s development – similar to learning to look both ways when crossing the street.

Teach your child to trust and respect police officers, doctors, nurses and other public safety people.2

It is important to teach them how to be safe.2

Safety tips1,2

  • Teach your child that a stranger can be anybody who is unfamiliar, even if they seem friendly.
  • Avoid leaving your child outside to play alone.
  • Teach your child to scream, run or kick if an unknown person tries to take them.
  • The concept of "good" touch and "bad" touch should be taught to them from a young age.
  • Teach your child to inform you if they are not comfortable around any adult or older child.
  • Create a loving and trusting environment so your child can talk to you safely about their feelings.
  • Teach your child that it’s OK to say “no.”
  • Teach your child to stay away from strangers, not to go with them, avoid taking chocolates from them, and staying away from a stranger’s car.
  • Help your child identify safe adults, such as police officers, whom they can go to if they sense danger.


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