Get your toddler talking: 4 activities to help with your toddler's creative expression

Make the most of your time together with a range of activities that are fun for both of you, and great for toddler speech development. Here are 5 quick, creative activities for toddlers that help with your toddler's language development and creative expression.

  1. Pre Counting

Introduce counting concepts to your child with this fun activity! Put two containers in front of your child. Put one object in the first container. Say "One ". Put two objects in the second container. Count, "One, Two ". Repeat this activity.

  2. Blowing Bubbles

Children learn through their sense of touch. If it is a pleasant day, take your child outside and use one of the wonderful bubble toys! Watch your child's expression as you create bubbles for your child to crawl or run through, to touch, and to pop! Blowing bubbles can happen inside as well. Try blowing bubbles above your child's head. See if your child can burst the bubbles with a cardboard tube or a stick.

  3. Box Car

Children love to pretend! Remove the top and bottom of the box, leaving the 4 sides. Decorate the box with your child. Cut holes in the sides of the box large enough for your child's hands. Have your child step in the box, put the hands in the holes, and pretend to drive the car!

  4. Create Some Sidewalk Art

Letting your child draw on the sidewalk, driveway, or basement floor is fun and helps develop gross motor skills. Help your child hold the chalk properly. Have your child hold the chalk with the pointer finger and chalk resting on the thumb and middle fingers. After drawing with the sidewalk chalk, show your child how to scrub the sidewalk with a scrub brush.

  5. Find the Shapes

Children learn through their sense of touch. This activity will help your child understand different shapes by the feel. Hide the shapes in the container of dried beans. Encourage your child to put two hands in and find the shape. Name the shape when your child pulls it out. The second time around, ask your child to put two hands in and find the cone, cube, etc.

With these creative activities for toddlers, every day can be an exploration of toddler speech development with your child.


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