Socially Shy to Social Butterfly: 4 activities to help develop your toddler's social skills

Spending time playing with your child is wonderful. But social activities for toddlers are even better experiences for both of you when you can truly embrace the joy and freedom of playtime. Here are 7 tips for playtime that foster toddler social development, and are fun for you and your child.

  1. The Farmer in the Dell:

    The song, "The Farmer in the Dell" has been enjoyed by children for generations. Try 'tweaking' the words and sing when you want to encourage your child to put toys away.

    "The Farmer in the Dell, The Farmer in the Dell,
    Hi Ho a Derry‐O
    The Farmer in the Dell.
    The books go on the shelf, the books go on the shelf
    Hi Ho a Derry‐O, the books go on the shelf.
    The blocks go in the bin," etc.

  2. Dust Pan and Broom:

    Children love to help around the house! Show your child how to use a small dustpan and broom for cleaning off crumbs on the small table. Have a waste can close by to dispose of the crumbs. Keep these handy for your child to use. The earlier house chores are introduced to your child, the more likely they will be accepted and become a habit.

  3. Food Stamps:

    Enjoy being creative with your child. Pour some washable paint in a bowl. Take a fruit or vegetable, cut it in half, and dip it in the bowl. "Stamp" the fruit or vegetable on a large sheet of paper to create a fun craft. Print the name of the fruit or vegetable under each painting.

  4. Clean Up, Clean Up

    There are times that toys are strewn throughout the house, and it's time to 'Clean Up.' Try the lyrics to the tune:

    "Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up.
    Clean Up, Clean Up, Put Your Things Away.”

    Set a handheld timer in the room and see if the room is cleaned up before the timer sounds.

    These social activities for toddlers are not only fun for you and your child, but they’ll make toddler social development seem less like science, and more like fun!


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