Your baby's paediatrician is your partner in keeping your baby healthy and on-track in their development. Here are some tips for making the most of your doctor visit.

Bring what you need

You may be rushed, distracted or worried on the day of your appointment. Use this checklist to ensure you have what you need.

  • Health/hospital card

  • Immunization record

  • A list of baby’s medications

  • Any questions you have

  • Any observations you’ve made

Questions you may have at this time:

  • How can I be sure my baby’s getting enough to eat?

  • How much and how often should my baby eat?

  • How many wet or soiled diapers should my baby have daily?

  • What should my baby’s stools be like?

  • How much should my baby sleep?

  • How do I help my baby sleep?

  • How do I calm my baby when they cry?

  • Is my baby developing and growing well?

  • Any questions you have about immunization.

  • Any questions you have about breastfeeding.

  • Should I be giving a Vitamin D supplement if I am breastfeeding?

  • Any concerns you have that something is not right.

Most Moms think about using infant formula at one point, but the choices and various opinions can be overwhelming. While you may not be ready yet, this is your opportunity to get an expert opinion and be prepared when you transition to or occasionally use baby formula.

5 questions you can ask about infant formulas:

  1. Is it true that baby formula will provide complete nutrition to support my baby’s development?

  2. Should I choose an infant formula with DHA (a type of omega-3 fat)?

  3. Is the nutrition provided from powder and liquid infant formulas the same?

  4. Like breastfeeding, does bottle-feeding give me an opportunity to bond with my baby?


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