During the initial few days, you'll be getting to know your little one while recovering from delivery. Learning the basics of breastfeeding during this time can be quite overwhelming.

The following tips may help you prepare for breastfeeding before delivery.

Prepare yourself mentally

  • Understand that although breastfeeding is a natural process, getting the hang of it may take some time, and will require patience, and practice.
  • You may find breastfeeding hard at the beginning, and it's quite normal. Remember that, like most aspects of motherhood, you'll learn this also through experience.

Take a prenatal class

  • Prenatal classes can help you understand, prepare, and ask questions about breastfeeding before the baby's arrival.
  • Your prenatal classes may cover the following topics:
    • Positioning and attachment
    • Expressing milk
    • Tackling common breastfeeding problems

Get all the information

  • Find out everything you can about breastfeeding- talk to your friends and family members who have successfully breastfed.
  • Talk to your doctor about any breastfeeding questions or concerns you may have.

Purchase the items you may need for breastfeeding

  • You may purchase the following things before your baby arrives:
    • breast pads
    • nursing pillows
    • nursing bras

Get support

  • Getting help and support during the first few weeks after your baby's birth will help you focus on caring for and feeding your little one.
  • Get help with household chores, diaper changes, and other duties.

Preparing for breastfeeding before your baby's birth can help you build a good breastfeeding routine. With proper knowledge and support, you can overcome any minor problems that may occur during breastfeeding.  


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