Physical Complications in Postpartum Women

- Low back pain

- Weak pelvic floor muscles

- Incontinence


Management for Upper Back

- Good posture

- Bring baby to you when feeding

- Use pillows to prop


The most common things are the low back pain after pregnancy, the abdominal muscles have been stretched, they can often become weak, and so you lose that stability. Therefore, that can cause low back pain, so you need to get that strength back and make sure you're using that strength. You want to again, for better posture and to support, during things like lifting and carrying and pushing and pulling, which will be doing a lot of with a baby. And then the pelvic floor muscles - again, they are under a lot of strain during pregnancy.

There's further damage during childbirth, and those muscles are weak. And so you need to have a specific program to regain that strength. When you have good, strong pelvic floor muscles, you should not have any problems with incontinence. Incontinence is not just a normal part of having babies, and it should be eliminated by doing Kegel exercise.

You'll spend a lot of time bottle-feeding or breastfeeding the baby. So, you need to maintain good posture. use pillows or support of some type. You basically want to bring the baby to you, not bring yourself down to the baby. So get in a good position and then use pillows or other supports to hold the baby there so that you are not constantly straining for 20 minutes every two or three hours.


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