As a new parent, you will have lots of questions on everything about baby and baby care.

Following tips will help you to know about caring for your new baby during these exhausting yet wonderful early weeks.

Breastfeeding your newborn

In the beginning, you will feel that your baby is constantly feeding, but gradually you and your baby will learn the pattern and the amount of milk produced will settle.

You are advised to feed your baby as often as they want. Let your baby decide when they have had enough. 

Washing and bathing your newborn

You need not bathe your baby in the first few days. You can wash their face, neck, hands and bottom carefully.

Choose a time when your baby is awake and content. Ensure that the room is warm and get everything ready with you beforehand, such as a bowl of warm water, a towel, cotton wool, and a fresh nappy and clean clothes.

When to change your baby’s diaper

You need to change the baby’s diaper often. Do not keep your baby in a wet or dirty nappy for too long because the bacteria in their stools/ urine may make their skin sore and cause nappy rash.

Soothing a crying baby

Crying is a baby's way of telling you they need comfort and care. Sometimes it can be because of hunger as well. But it's not always easy to understand what they want.

Helping your baby sleep

Initially, it's normal for new babies to sleep only for 2 to 3 hours at a time through the night, as well as during the day, one of the reasons is that newborn babies are not yet adapted to day and night.

Babies grow quickly in the initial months and have very small stomachs. Therefore, they need little but frequent feed.

As your baby grows, they will gradually need fewer night feeds and will sleep for longer at night.

How to tell if your baby is seriously ill

It can be difficult to understand when a baby is seriously ill. However, you must trust your instincts.

You know your newborn better than anyone else, so you'll know if there is a change in their appearance or behaviour and do you need to be concerned.


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