When should a child be out of diapers? It’s a question a lot of parents ask. While there isn’t a specific age defined for abandoning the diaper, you will get certain hints while you train your kid on using the potty. In spite of taking precautions during the potty training process, parents can still make mistakes while making the switch from diapers to pants.

Here are 4 common mistakes that parents can avoid while abandoning the diaper:


  1. Rushing into things

    Beginning too soon with potty training can cause your kid to rebel during the process. Remember, beginning at the right age plays an essential role in kid training. If you’re an ambitious parent, you can check if your kid responds to potty training when they’re around 18-24 months old. Parents usually wait until their kid is 2-3 years old before beginning potty training. Your child may also take more time, maybe till he or she turns four before they can respond well to your training.

  2. Being too harsh

    Now and then, you have to remember that you are training a child, and like all children, they are bound to make mistakes or forget stuff. Sometimes, your kid might delay going to the toilet just because they are merely engrossed in chasing playing with their favourite toy. Instances like these can happen at any time during the potty training process, and at times like these, it is important to be patient and avoid using any harsh or stern words.

  3. Mixing up day training and night training

    Parents often forget to incorporate night training while abandoning the diaper. Your child may know what to do when they have to go to the bathroom during the day, but may still be clueless at night. Your kid will be used to wetting the diaper at night, and if he or she is a deep sleeper at night, waking up and going to the bathroom in the dark can be a difficult habit to get used to, as compared to day training where your guidance can take care of things.

  4. Delaying the switch

    A common mistake made by parents is waiting too long to change diapers. During potty training, you will usually wake up in the mornings to two situations:

    • Your kid’s diaper is wet (which indicates that you have to keep working on the potty training)
    • Your kid’s diaper is dry (which is great and might suggest that you’re doing a really good job)

What you can do when the diaper is wet (which is totally normal) is to abandon the diaper and replace them, with loose, comfortable pants. This will make your kid realise the importance of potty training and how not making an effort to go to the toilet can lead to messy pants, messy sheets, a messy bed, and a follow up with mandatory cleaning sessions. If you delay this switching of clothing, the child might fail to grasp the importance of potty training and will continue to wet the diaper.

Remember to avoid beginning too soon or too late, be gentler in your approach, and give more importance to night time training for avoiding some of the common mistakes and abandoning the diaper in a fun and easy way!


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