Pregnancy is a 40 weeks or nine months long term categorized into three broad trimesters. Each trimester comprises of 3 months with-

  • The first trimester starts from conception through week 14. 
  • The second trimester starts from week 14 and ends up in week 28.
  • The third trimester starts from week 28 and ends up with labor and delivery. 

Right from the process of fertilization till the delivery, the baby and mother undergo tremendous transformation. Adapting with the growing fetus in her womb, the mother's body experiences an amazing transformation. Each month, each week, and each day is different. With the baby gradually nurtured by you, your body will see some exciting changes each month. 

Here is all you may experience each month of your pregnancy-


Month 1 mostly goes unnoticed by the majority of the expecting mothers. The first noticeable sign being the missed period.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • Nausea or morning sickness is often reported by the conceiving mom as early as in the first month.
  • Frequent urination may be experienced by some due to increased human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone production during the pregnancy.
  • Increased sensitivity to food may be seen in some right from the early days of pregnancy.
  • Changes in breasts may be noted as tenderness or swollen nipples.
  • Tiredness or fatigue may follow you throughout the day.



In month two the baby slightly grows in size and thus transforms from blastocyst to zygote. With the growing baby, the mom's body too experiences changes to accommodate the needs of the growing fetus. Month 2 embarks the time when every mom-to-be must make necessary changes in her lifestyle to keep her baby and herself healthy. A good and healthy lifestyle with strict  avoidance of smoking, drinking,, and using caffeine will ensure the mother's good health and the baby.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • The symptoms from the previous month like nausea, vomiting, food sensitivity, and fatigue may persist or even become more severe.
  • Moodswings also marks its presence in this month as the hormones play their role.
  • Reduction in sexual desire can be experienced due to tiredness and nausea.



Month 3 marks the end of the first trimester and is an appreciable goal to achieve for every mother. Your body is still struggling with the fluctuating hormonal levels till this month. An exercise plan can be added to the routine by consulting the physician from this month.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • Nausea tends to decrease as the body cope ups with the fluctuating hormonal levels
  • You may notice a few cms growth in the waist as the uterus starts to expand to adjust to the growing baby.
  • Mood swings and food continues to bother you till the end of this month.
  • A decrease in nausea may induce food cravings in you from this month.


Month 4 brings Hormones to calm down, morning sickness to fade, and make you feel subtle. The beginning of second trimester  brings lots of joy and an inner feeling of responsibility and care.

You can enroll yourself in the prenatal classes from this month.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • The most worrisome symptom of firfirst trimester, nausea, diminishes by this month, making you feel much better and energized.
  • With the feeling of betterness, the sexual desire also returns.
  • Your tummy may start to show through your fitted dresses.
  • You may also experience heartburn as the uterus rises in the abdomen.
  • The most exciting experience of this month is the first flutters of the baby movement, often regarded as butterflies" or bubbles" are experienced near the end of this month.



Month 5 makes the successful halfway towards the pregnancy journey. You might be on a la-la-land, and so would be the baby.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • An increase in your weight by 5 to 15 pounds is expected in this month
  • Your old jeans may not fit by this time as you may have got some extra inches by the growing size of the uterus.
  • Food cravings and an increase in appetite may be experienced due to increased energy requirements to nourish the growing fetus.
  • You may now start experiencing fatigue again as you have to carry extra weight, and the heart pumps extra blood.
  • You may also experience gastrointestinal upset or constipation during this month. Do not strain while defecating; consult your physician if you experience anything like this.
  • The belly button gets everted.
  • You may also experience forgetfulness during this time, often termed as pregnancy brain.



Month 6 makes a special mark as the end of the second trimester and making your meet with your baby even closer. Now the baby starts marking his/her presence, and so does your maternal hunch.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • As the uterus grows to a size of a basketball by now, you may experience scratchiness over the overlying skin. Rashes may also appear. Apply aloe-vera gel or coconut oil to keep it calm.
  • New symptoms that begin to show up by this time include bleeding gums, constipation, heartburn, and leg cramps.
  • Weight gain may lead to varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Consulting your physician will be best in this regard.
  • The growing weight of the baby and the mother and the increasing nutritional demand and the mother and the increasing nutritional demand may make you feel even more tired. Make sure you take enough rest for the well-being of both.



An entry to the third trimester is an overwhelming experience in itself. The fetus is now more baby-like, and you might too be now prepared enough for your upcoming motherhood days.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • Cramping on feet or hands may appear.
  • baby's movements now become even more pronounced and predictable.
  • You may feel loosening in joints.
  • Some may experience a newer phenomenon known as Braxton Hicks contractions (non-productive contractions).



Month 8 marks the time of the baby's rapid growth. It is now the time you must start preparing for the baby's arrival and setting up a cozy space for him/her.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • You will notice a weight gain of about a pound/week. 
  • Discomfort arises as the growing size of the uterus pressurizes other organs.
  • you may experience heaviness in your pelvic area while walking
  • Indigestion and heartburn may even worsen
  • The skin over your tummy continues to stretch, and stretch marks and rashes may appear.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions may become even more periodic.



Month 9 brings anxiousness and excitement for the baby's arrival. Your energy level may peak to the highest thinking about the baby's arrival at the same time you may experience a complete energy drain carrying the weight of yourself and the growing baby.

Symptoms you may experience-

  • You may experience trouble sleeping due to increased body mass. Try sleeping in the left lateral position to relieve pressure from one of your largest blood vessels.
  • You may feel anxious sometimes thinking about the baby's arrival.
  • Breathing becomes convenient as the baby settles into the pelvis, a phenomenon known as lightening.
  • You may gain up to 35 pounds of weight by the end of this month.