It is important for all children to be active.

Being active is essential for their physical and mental health and development.

Physical activities are of 2 types:

  • Light intensity activity such as walking and playing board games
  • More energetic physical activity, e.g., running, climbing, jumping and cycling

Being a parent, you have to plan on how to keep toddlers active throughout the day.

Now that your kid is 2 years old, you can plan the following outdoor activities for your toddler:

  • Jumping
  • Hopping
  • Kicking a ball
  • Hitting a ball with a bat
  • Playing with a balloon
  • Playing catch with a bean bag or balloon
  • Playing hide and seek
  • Climbing frames, ladders or low branches on trees
  • Riding scooters and tricycles

You can choose green spaces where your child can enjoy outdoor play

You can also take your kid to

  • Swimming
  • Indoor soft play areas
  • Active play sessions run by children’s centres
  • Structured activity programmes

Benefits of active play

  • It improves mental development and later school performance
  • It improves strength, stamina and skill of skeletal muscles
  • It helps in improving toddlers’ competence and coordination skills
  • Children who enjoy physical activity, through gaining competence and confidence, are more likely to continue to participate in it as they get older
  • It gives them a break between periods of learning
  • It helps to maintain normal body weight in toddlers


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