How should you begin?1

  • Help your child to know that his/her body belongs to him. If they feel uncomfortable when someone touches or kisses, they should ask the person to stop.
  • He/she should also tell a trusted adult if this happens.
  • Teach your child to identify his private body parts.
  • Tell them private body parts are areas on your body that are covered by your underwear.
  • You should not allow people to touch them. A check by the doctor or a loving hug from mummy or daddy is welcome.
  • For girls, teach about breasts, groin, and vulva and for boys, penis, groin, and testicles.
  • It is important to teach children the correct terms for their private body parts that helps them develop respect for their bodies.
  • Children are also in a better position to be able to report sexual abuse incidents.

Teaching difference between good touch and bad touch1,2

A good touch makes you feel good.

E.g., pat by teacher for sharing toys, a hug from mommy, a good night kiss by daddy.

On the other hand, touches that make you feel uncomfortable are bad touches.

It is a bad touch

  • If it hurts you
  • If someone touches you where you do not wish to be touched
  • If a person touches you in a way you don’t want to be touched
  • If it makes you scared and nervous
  • If a person forces you to touch him/ her
  • If a person asks you not to share it with anyone
  • If a person threatens you to hurt it with someone

Teaching safe codes

  • Don’t be alone with anyone who touches you inappropriately or touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • If someone touches you inappropriately, tell it to someone you trust about what happened.
  • Don’t get scared or keep it a secret if anyone threatens you and tell it to someone whom you trust.
  • If someone tries to take you away or tries to touch you inappropriately, scream, run and get away.


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