Working fathers usually face this challenge of seeking time for office work from their child.

Following tips can help you to overcome this challenge:

  • Try to have flexible work hours: for example, if your office allows, you can go to work late which can make school drop-offs or family dinners easier
  • Try to work out with the option of working from home
  • Working fewer hours: for example, by working part-time or job-sharing, if you are required at home
  • Review the workday in your mind prior to leaving for work and finish it on time; so that, you can come on time and spend time with your child
  • Be honest and have a constructive conversation with your child
  • Be upfront and tell your child that you have to go to work
  • Let your children know that you will have to go to the office every day and they should not be ready to come with you thinking that you are going on a walk
  • They should also learn not to throw a tantrum while you leave for work


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