Reading forms an important part of your child’s overall growth and well-being. Children who don’t learn to read well may face emotional and behavioural problems later in life. The skills your children learn early in life, help them do well in adulthood.

You can help your child develop good reading skills with the following tips:


Read to your child

Make reading part of everyday life. It also helps in creating a special bond with your child.

Readout loud to your children even when they can read alone.

Read with your child

Children who are learning to read need to practice to do better. If your child is doing well, regular reading can help to improve the skill further. If your child is having trouble, it offers a safe place to practice with someone they trust.

Be a role model

If your children observe you and other family members reading books, newspapers and magazines, they will learn that reading is important, fun and valuable.

Visit the library and create one at home

Register your child in the nearest library as soon as you can. Make library visits part of your routine.

Limit screen time

Set up a time for reading by limiting the amount of time your child spends in front of a screen, such as televisions, computers, tablets, smartphones and video games.


Writing is another important form of communication and a major part of education. However, in today’s technology-driven world, children don’t get many opportunities to practise and improve their ability to write.

You can help your child develop good writing skills with the following tips:


Read up

Regular reading is the first step to improve writing and helps children strengthen their writing skills. It helps in expanding their vocabulary and teaches them different ways of using words. They can also use these words in their own writing.

Create writing worksheets

For young children who are just learning to write, try to create a worksheet where they can trace letters and words.

Try different materials

Switch it up by writing with something else than a pen or pencil. Finger painting or a salt writing tray are all fun writing activities that will help kids enjoy and build writing skills.

Write letters

Encourage children to write letters to friends or family members.


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