Bullying can devastate children’s confidence and self-esteem.

If children are being bullied, they need lots of guidance, love and support. Your child should know that you’ll take action to prevent any further bullying.

Talking to your child about the bullying

  • If your child is being bullied, the best ways to help is to listen and talk about the bullying.

  • Listen: Pay full attention and consider talking in a quiet space. Ask your child about the incidence in detail.

  • Stay calm: This is an opportunity to show your child how to solve problems.

  • Summarise the problem: You can say something like, ‘So you were sitting on your own eating your lunch. Then ABC came up and took your lunch box and threw it away’.

  • Let your child know it’s normal to feel upset: Help your child to see that it’s normal to feel upset.

  • Make sure your child knows it’s not his/ her fault.

The next step is showing your child that you care and will help:

  • Agree that problem exists but let them know that it’s not OK for someone to treat you like that.

  • Praise your child by telling them that the bullying might not have been easy for them. Praise will encourage them to keep sharing problems with you.

  • Ensure them that you’ll help.

  • Avoid negative comments.

Working with your child’s teacher to sort out the bullying

If your child is being bullied, talk to your child’s teacher and school as soon as you can.

Give your child lots of support and love while you and the classroom teacher works on stopping the bullying at school.


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