Research shows that when parents are engaged with their children, other parents and their children's schools, children tend to enjoy school more.1

However, some children may refuse to attend school or give reasons for not attending school.2

Here is the list of tips that can help you to pursue your child for going/ loving school2,3

  • Ask your child why he/ she does not want to go to school.
  • Consider the possibilities and list them.
  • Try to be sympathetic, supportive and understanding of why your child is upset.
  • Try to help your child by resolving any stressful situations you identify as causing his/ her worries.
  • Show your child that you understand your child's concerns, but insist on attending the school.
  • Spend some time in the classroom and volunteer to help on special occasions.
  • Praise your child and reward for a job well done immediately after completing tasks.
  • Encourage your child's strengths.
  • Incorporate his/ her strengths into daily home behaviour incentive plans.
  • Review your child's strengths and help him/ her to see these strengths.
  • Discuss your child's school avoidance with his/ her teacher and accept their support and assistance.


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