Children usually learn by watching people around them, particularly their parents. When you display good manners and good coping strategies, your children learn the same from you.

How can you inculcate good behaviour among children by role modelling?


Point out sharing among adults

  • Children usually think that they are the only ones who have to “follow your manners” “share” and “take turns.” Therefore, when adults share, show it to your children.

For example, “Daddy is sharing his food with Mommy. Good job sharing, Daddy!”

Model good ways to calm down

  • Teach your children the ways to calm down when they are upset or frustrated.

For example, if daddy is frustrated about sitting in traffic while driving, you can say, “Daddy is really frustrated right now. Please help daddy to calm down by taking 10 deep breaths with him.”

Teach children to say how they feel

  • If you are really frustrated or annoyed by your kid’s behaviour, you might want to say, “You are driving me crazy right now.” Instead, try to express your feelings in actual words, such as “Mommy is really frustrated right now.”
  • This can help children to learn to say what they feel instead of making critical or hurtful statements. Make them understand or teach them to do this when they are upset.

For example, it looks like you are upset.

If your guess about how they feel is not accurate, let your children correct you.


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