Offering agood book to your child inclines him/her to learn, help to build vocabulary, develop object recognition skills, sparks curiosity about the world, and create wonderful memories. Reading books not only helps to develop vocabulary, but also supports writing, comprehension, and study skills.

If you are looking for the right books for your baby, then we are here to help find one. Consider these points before selecting the books for your little one.

  • Look for age-appropriate books-

Considering age guidelines and learning benefits helps to get the right book. Board books are the best options for toddlers as they are made up of sturdy cardboard which makes them nearly unbreakable. Secondly, go for laminated books which will resist the food spills and also facilitate write and wipe activity.

Look for the books with large, colorful captions and pictures that immediately grab little one’s attention and develop an interest in learning. Lift-the-flap books are a great option to make learning fun.

If your child can read independently, still consider buying books with lots of pictures, which helps them relate to the real world. For independent readers, you may consider buying 3-D books too. They come with 3D goggles, which make learning even more fun.

  • Select an appropriate theme-

Books are a great way to make little ones learn things. You may choose an appropriate theme for your kid and then purchase- alphabet, numbers, birds, animals, fruits etc. books for toddlers, good manners, mathematical learning, and rhymes books for the older ones.

Discover your child's interest-

For the older kids, select the books that reflect the interest of your child. Some children may be into General Knowledge, some into science facts and experiments; some may even love to learn about history etc. Get to know about your child's inclination for subjects and choose to gift from that section.

  • Get some textured books-

Nowadays, many books with textured patterns are available that enhance the little one's sensory skills and also builds an understanding of various senses.

Age to age guide for finding the right books-

Infants: Birth to 6 Months

Board back books with large pictures or bright and bold illustrations with a contrasting background are the right pick for this age.

Recite the simple words or rhymes indicating the picture, this will help to build their vocabulary. Bedtime story books also play a great role in this age in developing their interests in reading and listening.

Infants: 7 to 12 Months

As the children of this age start recognizing family members, things, action etc., the book containing similar illustrations helps them relate and understand. Questioning and answering the illustrations makes open-ended fun learning possible at this age.

Infants: 12 to 18 months

Books with lots of characters, like animals, children, food, and household things grab the attention of children of this age. Rhymes book too can be introduced to the children of this age. Hardback books, puppet books, lift pages books are the ideal choices for children of this age.

Toddlers: 19 to 30 Months

While continuing with the primary illustrations and rhymes books, short story books can also be introduced in this age group. The problem-solving stories are great to grab their interest in this age. ‘Fill in the blanks’- rhymes books are excellent choices to test their interests. Relating stories or illustrations to their real-world experiences helps them learn a lot.

From where to get the books-

Now since we have told you how to choose the best book for your kiddo, let us assist you where to find them. You can always visit some good book store like crossword, Landmark, Wheeler etc. that have an immense collection of awesome books to choose from. Even some store offer sit and read facility, which might help you to discover your kid's interest. Books can be ordered online also through numerous E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry etc. There are various book websites like- story weaver, Bookywooky, little bookworms, Books Wagon etc.

Apart from the aforementioned websites, many parents have made online groups on various social media platforms, where one can sell and purchase used-good quality books for their little ones. Joining these groups is not only economical but also helps to get an opinion about the content of the book from the old reader.

It is always a great gesture to borrow and exchange books with friends, older cousins, neighbours, library because learning should never stop!!



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