Preparing your child for a field trip

Field trips help children in several ways.

  • They let children get hands-on learning on the modules learnt in class
  • Give new opportunities, experiences, and ideas
  • Let them learn new skills, and ignite new interests and passions

Following tips will guide you on how to help your child prepare for a field trip


Be prepared the night before

The night before the field trip, pack everything in your child’s school bag. Ensure that your child knows where the medicine (if any) and other important things are kept in the bag.

Talk to your child

Talk to your children about the upcoming field trip like how are they feeling, what are they thinking, if they have any questions, how they should behave in public places, what they should do if they feel anxious or nauseated and so on. Explain everything your child may come across in the trip and mentally prepare them.

Take Precautions

Since you will not be near your child to take care of them, you must take the necessary precautions for your child’s safety:

If your child is allergic to something, teach him or her how to avoid contact with the allergen and also inform the teachers.

Make sure that your child knows when to take medications (if any) and also inform the teachers about the same

Give a mosquito repellent cream and tell your child to apply it when they get on the bus.

Give a hand sanitiser and tell your child to sanitise hands often, especialy before eating.

Give your contact information

Let your child memorise your contact number and put a slip of your contact details in the bag too. Also, make sure that the teacher-in-charge knows how and where to reach you if needed. 


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