From the first flutters to the power kicks, the feeling of your baby inside you can make your pregnancy feel amazingly real. Here’s a timeline of a typical baby’s growth week by week and the movements in the womb, and when you might start feeling things:


Week 9

Your tiny baby will start to stir in the womb. They will move their arms and legs and begin to bring their hand to his mouth.

Weeks 13 to 16

They will develop ears, eyes, eyebrows and hair. They may also develop hiccups, though you won't feel them yet.

Week 20

You may start to feel fluttering in your stomach as their movements become more coordinated. Let Dad and siblings feel the magic as your baby's growth and development is happening.

Week 21

You may feel those hiccups now too, as they practice their breathing.

Weeks 23 to 28

They will be busy practising the movements that will help them eat, drink and breathe. As they get bigger, you'll feel their movements become more powerful. Depending on how big they are getting, their movements will slow down toward the end of the third trimester, when their quarters get too cramped.

Weeks 27 to 30

As their hearing and memory develop, you will feel them reacting to sounds like the songs you sing to them.

Weeks 31 to 34

Their movements may lessen due to cramped quarters in the womb. They will develop a sleep pattern, which may or may not match yours.

Weeks 35 to delivery

They will move into the foetal position and drop down into your pelvis to get ready for birth. This may make breathing and eating a little easier and make walking and sitting a little harder.


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