Exercises for Managing Physical Complications During Pregnancy - Low Back Stretch

Low Back Stretch

Hold for 10 seconds - if no discomfort

Now we're going to demonstrate the low backstretch. Remember there's that inward curve in the low back, and those muscles can get pretty tight. So, I'm going to have you get down on your hands and knees. This is one you can do pretty easily when you're pregnant, even into the ninth month. So when you're ready, I'm going to have you start by doing that pelvic tilt and drawing your belly button in towards your spine. Get that little hump here, and then go ahead and sit back towards your heels. Just go back as far as you can comfortably. If there's no pain, you can hold that for about 10 seconds. And then back up. And again, the pelvic tilt - draw your belly button in and now sit back towards your heels. The key to it is to keep that pelvic tilt as you go back - it's the best way to really keep a strong stretch. And then back up. As you get further along, it becomes harder and harder to get back very far. You go back whatever you can. Pressure on the abdomen is not harmful to the baby, and it's just more of what's comfortable. So you may find that as the baby gets bigger, you cannot go back as far, and that's fine. It's still going to give you a nice stretch here to alleviate any tension and aching. And I would normally have her do about 10 repetitions once or twice a day. Also, always consult with your doctor before doing any type of exercises while pregnant.


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