Carrying out a home pregnancy testing to know whether you are pregnant is a good idea, but besides it, many of us may not be completely assured and search for other ways to confirm.

A missed period, the appearance of early pregnancy symptoms, a positive home pregnancy test result all indicate a good start of pregnancy, but none of these is documented or on papers. To get a full proof report of pregnancy, the best way is to visit your caregiver. Your physician will prescribe some pathology tests to confirm the pregnancy and baby's and yours well-being. 

The pathology tests may include either urine or blood test or both to confirm the pregnancy. Along with it, an Ultrasound study may be prescribed to look for implantation and other conditions.

It is strictly advisable to visit a medical center as soon as you get a positive home pregnancy test result.


Blood hCG levels-

The blood test measures the exact level/quantity of hCG in your blood. This helps the physician to track the definite development of the pregnancy and other related conditions.


A health care provider may recommend Transvaginal Sonography at an early stage to check the implantation status of the fertilized egg. This study is important to confirm the proper positioning of the egg and if it isn’t an ectopic pregnancy.

Other tests-

Once all your pregnancy tests indicate a positive progression of pregnancy, your health care provider may further advise some tests to check your overall health status for a healthy pregnancy period.

The sooner, the better

It is advisable to take pregnancy tests as soon as you missed a period, to confirm the pregnancy. Since the baby’s most important organs and structures begin to develop in the first few weeks of pregnancy, the earlier you consult your caretaker, the sooner you will get assistance for better health. That will surely be beneficial for both, the mom-to-be and the baby.

Take away-

A positive pregnancy test brings with it lots of joy and some sense of anxiety too. You may experience a jolt of mixed emotions. Along with happiness comes responsibility too. You need to take care of yourself along with the one growing inside you.

You can also enroll yourself in some prenatal classes to prepare for the upcoming phase of a completely new life.

Furthermore, you may need some time to adjust to the news, and that is completely acceptable. Pamper yourself!!

Celebrate and prepare!!