• Nowadays, a majority of parents are competitive when it comes to their children winning.

  • A recent survey reported that 94% of parents give importance to the experience of winning or losing while at school, as this prepares the young children for later life and 85% believe that those with no experience of competition would not be successful.

  • When children participate in competitive situations with just success in mind, they get pressurised to the extent that they end up not enjoying learning.

  • Nowadays, majority of parents are clearly hungry for competition, and they want their children to win; they can’t easily digest the fact that winning and losing are 2 sides of the game and it’s okay to lose sometimes.

  • Evidence shows that competition can have harmful effects on your children, such as it can damage their self-esteem and can make them feel they are out of control.

  • It is observed that even in sports, where competition is central, those who are more focused on winning tend to drop out early, while those looking to master the skill tend to persist.

  • Parents believe that if their children are competitive and always succeed in the same, they will have a bright future.

  • Competition is not bad. It is a part of life, and it is important that children learn how to succeed and how to cope with failure. These need to be balanced with other qualities, such as empathy and the ability to communicate.


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