Nutrition and Stimulation

Well-rounded brain development is based on two key foundations - Nutrition and Stimulation. Your child’s overall growth and brain development depends on good nutrition and stimulation that will help them reach their developmental milestones.



Identify Key Nutrients for Your Child

During this period, your child’s brain continues to develop rapidly. In order to help them reach their full potential, you will need to incorporate the right nutrients into your child’s diet, as good nutrition lays the groundwork for well-rounded development.

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Importance Of DHA - brain development through nutrition&  stimulation

Importance Of DHA - Supports brain development & function

Importance Of DHA


Stimulation refers to a child’s active interaction with not only their parents but also with their environment. Stimulation helps to strengthen connections within a child’s brain encouraging development milestones. By understanding the milestones that signal development, you will be able to measure and track your child’s progress.

Importance Of DHA - Stimulaltion


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