Evidence suggests that child development is better when the child has close relationships with both parents right from an early stage.1


Here are few ways in which your partner can play a role in supporting you after child birth1,2

  • After the childbirth, when you are resting, your partner can help spread the good news of arrival of newborn to family and friends.
  • He can have a list of important people and their phone numbers ready to call from the hospital.
  • At the time of the discharge from the hospital, he will have to make adjustments of the car seat.
  • It is important for your partner to have some basic information about postpartum depression (PPD).
  • If he notices any signs and symptoms of PPD, he can help you in dealing with it or by taking you to the doctor.
  • He can bring the baby to you for feedings.
  • He can help you by burping the baby and changing the baby afterward.
  • He can offer help in feeding the baby, if you pump the breast milk into a bottle.
  • He can participate with you in patient education sessions that provide information about general health and wellbeing advice e.g., nutritional diet, exercise, rest and relaxation, healthy lifestyle habits, and contraception.
  • He can talk to other parents regarding how they managed to adjust with a new baby.
  • After childbirth, your old roles as a couple shift and you need to adapt to new ones.2
  • Your partner spending time with you can make the transition easier.2
  • Remember, fathers have major influence on your health choices and experience during pregnancy and after childbirth.1
  • Working with your partner as a team can help make the experience better for both of you and your new baby.2


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