Choosing a day-care for your child will be one of the most difficult and important decisions you will make.1 A child's early experience, irrespective at home, preschool or day-care is purely educational.2

The most appropriate day-care arrangements are the one which works best for you, your child, and your family. 2

High quality of day-care will provide care which is supportive, emotional, consistent and appropriate to the child's age, development, and temperament. It will positively impact both the child and their families. 2

High-quality childcare will:

  • Boost child growth and development
  • Provide greater success in school
  • Emphasize on cognition, social skills, interpersonal relationships, and self-regulation

Five essentials things to look for while choosing a day-care:

  1. Staff who are trained and experienced staff and are able to respond to your child's individual needs.
  2. Mealtimes should be fun and be relaxed.
  3. A well-planned play area which is spacious and safe.
  4. There should be plenty of opportunities to learn new things.
  5. Planned exercise and quiet times to relax.

It is also important to consider reviews of other parent's experiences.

Also remember, the day-care which works for one family may not always be suitable for your needs.

Your child may take some time to settle into a new environment, allow them time to adjust, especially if this is their first time in day-care.


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