What's happening in week 26 of your pregnancy?.

Your baby can open his eyes and blink. Your baby's eyelids were previously sealed shut for the retina to be fully formed. Now they can show off his beautiful eyes.

Your baby is reaching 907 g and measures about in 23 cm length.

Tiny air sacs known as alveoli are developing in your baby's lungs, which will help your little one to take his first full breath after birth.

How is your baby's brain developing?.

Your baby's brain growth has enabled them to recognize to outside stimuli, such as the sound of your voice. Your baby might even respond with a kick

What pregnancy symptom might you experience this week?

Your nails may seem to be harder, or softer and more brittle — common and temporary changes during pregnancy. In the meantime, use these tips to protect your nails and enjoy your changing body a little more:

Consume food rich in biotin

Such as egg yolk and salmon (ravas). This vitamin B can strengthen your nails.

Moisturize your hands and the skin around the nails

It's easy to leave the cream on when you do this right before sleeping.

Mom's tip of the week

Another useful bedtime routine is doing simple stretching exercises to prevent leg cramps from happening at night, which often occurs during the second and third pregnancy trimesters.